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  • Hays County Juvenile Detention Center Accused of Violating the Law
    A former juvenile detainee, alleged Hays County Juvenile Detention Center deprived him of educational and mental health services. Following complex litigation involving constitutional, disability, and education laws, the U.S Court of Appeals partly reversed prior judgements, leading the case to remand for further proceedings.
  • Texas Attorney General Requested to Clarify Legal Options Related to Benefiting Employees for Voting
    The Chair of the Senate Committee on Local Government, Paul Bettencourt, requested an opinion from the Texas Attorney General on the legality of incentives allegedly provided by Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) for voting in an upcoming tax rate election.
  • Lawsuit Against VIA Metropolitan Transit Police by Local Auditor
    Local activist Marcos Rios has sued the VIA Metropolitan Transit Police for alleged misconduct, violation of first amendment rights, and lack of de-escalation techniques. The lawsuit cites specific incidents of unlawful detainment, biased policing against “auditors”, and attempts to suspend Rios’ concealed carry license.
  • Valley International Airport Claims Bad Faith by Police Chief
    Former Valley International Airport Police Chief Osborne’s claims of violation of the Texas Whistleblower Act are challenged due to lack of evidence; his termination was primarily attributed to dishonesty and misconduct.
  • Texas Sets Drone Precedent: Privacy Preserved
    The 5th Circuit Court upheld Texas drone laws, asserting they do not infringe upon First Amendment rights. They quashed arguments for a broad interpretation of the First Amendment to allow drones for filming private property or flying over critical infrastructure without consent. The ruling clarified that there are no press-specific exemptions in the laws and that state drone regulations can coexist with federal laws.
  • 1 TPWD Game Warden’s Downfall: Attempted Solicitation of a Prostitute
    A Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD Game Warden), a six-year veteran, was fired following allegations of attempted solicitation of a prostitute, marking a downfall in his career.
  • City of McAllen: Is it Illegal to Require Identification to Enter a General Public Portion of a Municipal Building?
    The Hawk’s Eye discusses a contentious issue in McAllen, Texas, over legally requiring citizens to show identification at municipal buildings. They also highlight the new security procedures at McAllen City Hall. A local 1st Amendment auditor has challenged these measures as infringing constitutional rights.
  • Corpus Christi Police Officer Suspended After Persistent Traffic Accidents
    Corpus Christi Police Officer received an 80-hour suspension after multiple traffic accidents, including one where she was distracted by her cell phone. This disciplinary action follows evidence of a pattern of unsafe behavior and policy violations.
  • Laredo Police Officer Dismissed for Misusing Police Authority
    Officer David R. Larranaga of the Laredo Police Department was dismissed for misusing his authority. He conducted unauthorized searches on individuals, violating professionalism and trust within law enforcement.

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