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John D Ferrara - “The Hawk’s Eye”

Are TCOLE Complaints Reviewed Properly? Part 1

Some may wonder the quality of review conducted by TCOLE Enforcement Unit; especially, when citizens have a dire concern with a peace officer. Well, it might surprise you to find out, one may be able to do a more proper and thorough review through the Texas Public Information […]

Kyle Police Chief Threatens Charges, Claims False Information

A response was received from the Kyle Police Chief today and he claims the information is false. He also claimed to file charges should the information not be removed. Is the government lying or is the information truthful? How could it be defamation on the part of the […]

Is Kyle Police Chief, Camp County or Bust?

A Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) request was submitted to Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) for Jeffery B Barnett’s Personal Service Records (PSR). In review of it, there were many issues of concern. One of the more important issues may be Barnett’s time with the Camp County. […]

Kyle Police Chief is NOT a Firefighter/Paramedic?

When one reviews the city webpage of Jeffrey B Barnett’s biography they might be impressed, but is it all true? The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) say it’s not, and there is a lot of misconception. If one goes to the Texas Commission on Fire Protection they will […]

Kyle Police Chief was Interim Mount Pleasant Chief? Not per Open Records.

In review of a few cities Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records, it was identified, Jeffery B Barnett may not have been honest in his quest to gain government employment, with anyone. Multiple issues have been found in his employment records, which were received through the legal process […]

Improperly Certified Peace Officer in Rowlett? Or Police Academy in Royse City?

Who knew that there was a police academy in Royse City, Texas? Per Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) received from the City of Rowlett on Steven J Ferrie, Peace Officer, one must of existed. Rowlett provided certifications for Ferrie. Their city records show that Ferrie attended a Basic […]

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