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1 TPWD Game Warden’s Downfall: Attempted Solicitation of a Prostitute

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A six-year veteran of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, was fired following allegations of attempted solicitation of a prostitute, marking a downfall in his career.

1 TPWD Game Warden's Downfall: Attempted Solicitation of a Prostitute

1 TPWD Game Warden’s Downfall: Attempted Solicitation of a Prostitute

Charles Dominick Mauppin, a Game Warden of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) for six years, recently made headlines due to unfortunate circumstances that resulted in the termination of his employment. On January 27, 2023, TPWD Game Warden Mauppin found himself entangled in allegations of attempted solicitation of a prostitute, a serious offense that violates both TPWD policies and General Orders.

TPWD Game Warden Interviewed by Internal Affairs

It all began when TPWD Internal Affairs requested a statement from TPWD Game Warden Mauppin about his involvement in a potential prostitution attempt. TPWD Game Warden admitted contacting a number he had found on a website while searching online for adult dates. Specifically, he came across a dropdown menu indicating the Fort Worth area. In his statement, TPWD Game Warden Mauppin confessed that he found an ad featuring an attractive female and sent a text to the provided number, expressing his interest in meeting.

During their communication, details such as price and location were exchanged, although TPWD Game Warden Mauppin admitted that he couldn’t recall the specifics at the time of writing his statement. However, despite his initial intentions, TPWD Game Warden Mauppin claimed that he ultimately decided against following through with the meeting due to a sense of guilt. Avoiding any physical encounter, he promptly deleted the text thread as a means to resist temptation.

TPWD Game Warden Mauppin assured Internal Affairs that he had provided them with all the information he could recall related to the incident in question. Unfortunately, his actions did not align with the moral standards expected of a TPWD employee, leading to his separation from employment.

TPWD Game Warden Involved in an Undercover Sting

On January 30, 2023, an internal email was circulated, revealing the reason behindTPWD Game Warden Mauppin’s departure. The email stated that he had “illegally solicited someone to exchange money for sexual activity” and that the incident was part of an undercover sting involving Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies.

TPWD Game Warden Separated

The following day, on January 31, 2023, TPWD Game Warden Mauppin received a letter from TPWD officially notifying him of his termination. The letter specified that he had been employed since January 9, 2017, serving as a Game Warden in Region 2 District 2.

Despite TPWD Game Warden Mauppin’s interview with TPWD Internal Affairs on January 27, 2023, it was concluded that he had violated TPWD policies and General Orders by committing the criminal offense of solicitation of prostitution. As a result, his employment with TPWD was abruptly severed.

This incident serves as a reminder that even those entrusted with upholding the law can find themselves succumbing to temptation. It is an unfortunate and regrettable turn of events for Charles Dominick Mauppin, whose actions have cost him his career as a Game Warden with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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