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A Documentation Issue or Improper Certifications? TCOLE and Rowlett

Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records were requested from TCOLE on City of Rowlett Officers.

It appears there is an issue, whether the issue is clerical and unintentional or clerical and intentional, is up for review.

Either way, there is an issue with government records. The officers names are not being released, but a complaint has been submitted to the TCOLE Enforcement Unit. Yes, the same unit we wrote a story on before.

We noticed that schools aren’t being listed and it appears there may be some duplication with training hours.

Below are nine officers, two others were already referred and mentioned in our previous stories.

The TPIA was for the year 2004. The sworn staff at Rowlett was probably 70 Officers in 2004. If all the Officers referred do have some kind of TCOLE issue, that would be about 13% of their officers, at the time, with government record concerns.

We wait for TCOLEs response.