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A Hays County Police Chief Volunteers at Local Fire Department which has NO Volunteers

Per on Open Records Request, received from the Kyle Fire Department; which is part of the Hays County Emergency Service District, the political subdivision does not have volunteers.

Specifically, we received an email from Chief Taylor of the Kyle Fire Department. He states:

“Jeff Barnett has been dropped from our department. He is no longer associated with Kyle Fire Department.”

This message was forwarded to us from the Public Information Officer for the Kyle Fire Department. Her response to Volunteer Firefighters is as follows:

“Please read below for Chief Taylor’s response regarding Jeff Barnett (already provided above). Also, we do not have volunteers, so there are no policies in regards to volunteers that I can provide you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.”

We do not know what to say. We have made mention of this matter in the past. Here is our second request to the Kyle Fire Department:

We also have a Federal Lawsuit filed on the Police Chief. An element of such suit involved these types of matters. One can review our “Response to Order for More Definite Statement,” here. It should be noted, a pending matter will need to conclude before the lawsuit moves forward; however, there is a two year limit to file on the issue and the issue is now preserved.

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) has been updated to reflect the words of Chief Taylor:

We are waiting to see the Kyle Fire Departments response to the Police Chief being listed as a Paramedic with their agency.