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Application for Habeas Corpus for Pre-Indictment Relief, has been submitted to Hays County, related to a Police Chief

We have been notified, that the application for pre-indictment habeas corpus relief has been submitted to the Hays County District Clerk’s Office.

The filing ties in a Federal Lawsuit, related to two Police Chiefs, for seemingly, identical conduct by both.

The filing contains the “Response to Order for More Definite Statement,” filed within Ferrara v. Wallace et al, 5-20-CV-01128-FB-RBF

It also contains the order of recusal, issued by the Hays County District Judge; removing the Hays County District Attorney from any part of the case filed by a Police Chief.

We believe the link of the lawsuit will shed light on the concerns which have existed for an extended amount of time. Such concerns, which received no review in the case, we believe to be abuse of official capacity of a Police Chief.