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Bexar County Constable – Precinct 4 – Is There More to Licensing?


In review of a story we read from, we decided to take a closer look at the Bexar County Precinct 4 Constable, Stanley Ramos.

We requested Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records from the Texas Commission in Law Enforcement (TCOLE). To start with, we reviewed the Personal Service Record (PSR) and we have some questions. Here are the pages of the PSR of concern:


There are four lines which have been highlighted. The first is a start date with Bexar County. The significance of this date is the process which was established by TCOLE in 2012. This means Bexar County is required to have a Personal History Statement (PHS) on file, meeting the requirements of TCOLE standard. We have requested it from Bexar County and are waiting to receive it. Prior to the 2012 mark, there would be whatever background document was completed at the time, in accordance with the applicable law then.

The second line highlighted is the issuance of a Basic Peace Officer Certification through a TCOLE program. We did not receive this document in our records request and are waiting to receive it. This is a concern, because of the third highlighted line. It shows ZERO hours for training completed. So we have questions.

Compounding the questions is the fourth line. This line shows the Kirby Police Department to be a licensing agency for the purpose of Basic Reserve Officer Course (BROC). The laws of contract changed in the 1990’s, but a program would still require the approval from TCOLE. The program would also be REQUIRED to maintain transcripts in accordance with Education Code; as it provided a licensing program.

Here is the response from TCOLE on the Kirby Police Department:


As you can see, it was never listed as a provider with TCOLE, this would be the licensing component; however, we still need to request the transcript from the Kirby Police Department. If they do not have it, then it is most likely an unapproved TCOLE program. We also are going to attempt to obtain the contract, which should be stored with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), as a permanent retention document.

We have found this issue before when we reviewed employees of the City of Rowlett Police Department. We concluding our findings in a few stories, but most notably, this one: No Police Academy in Royce City

We are still working to receive more records to conclude our findings, but this seems like a theme of historic concern.