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Blogger to Have His Day in Hays County District Court to Attempt to Redress Unlawful Restraint

After a long period of being unlawfully restrainted, a Blogger will have his day in court to attempt to express the harm he was subjected to in his quest to provide 1st Amendment redress to the government over conduct he has been subjected too.

This Blogger is still under unlawful restraint even after a Hays County Pro Tem has stated there are no charges to consider towards the Blogger. This happened because the blogger was arrested by a warrant which was never filed in any court venue. The bond the Blogger became subjected too, also, was never filed into any venue.

Now, the Blogger working through the legal process will have opportunity to present his petition of habeas corpus to the 22nd District Court. This was possible because the Blogger initially was heard, on his petition in 2021; however, the presiding judge did not sign any orders, related to his decision.

The Blogger took the words of the court and followed through as instructed, even without written order. The Blogger did this to prove the concept of concern. So, the Blogger filed a new petition for habeas corpus relief in the County Court at Law. Again, no judge wanted to sign an order.

The Blogger let the case play out, soon after he had his second habeas corpus hearing, the Hays County Pro Tem filed one count of harassment on the Blogger.

In January of 2022, the Pro Tem dropped the case against the Blogger, but the bail bond still remained. It remained because it was never tied to any cases, even when hearings occurred to indicate the charge the Blogger was arrested for was not appropriate.

Now a hearing is set to occur this month in the 22nd District Court of Hays County to address the Bloggers initial petition of habeas corpus relief, his supplemental petition, a motion to dissolve the bail bond he is subjected too, a motion for contempt of court, and a motion to show cause.

The motion to show cause and the motion for contempt are based upon the recusal order issued by Judge Steel. He ordered the Pro Tem to determine any cases against the Blogger, the police report used, and the warrant used. The Blogger was the only one subjected to any review. The motion for contempt and the motion to show cause explain the process which occurred to verify such claims.