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Cameron County Constable for Precinct 5 Changes Last Name

On June 12, 2012, a Facebook post was published by the Cameron County Constable’s Office for Precinct 5. In the post it changed the name of Constable Solis to add DeLaunay.

We are unsure if there is a legal name change for the request. The posting is here:

Solis does not have DeLaunay as a last name with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCCOLE):

The GED holder seemed to have made some kind of change in March of 2021

The DeLaunay name is the last name of the Chief Investigator for the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office. It was learned that Solis and DeLaunay may be related and may be half brothers.

However, after posting about the name change on the posting, the Cameron County Constables Office for Precinct 5 decided to block the citizen inquiring about the change. Such actions are a clear violation of 1st Amendment Rights.

Because of the actions, notification was sent to the Cameron County Civil Legal Division that a lawsuit for the violation of ones Civil Rights may be pending.

Solis doesn’t have any real law enforcement experience. Before the long time Air Conditioning worker became Constable he was a reserve officer with the Primera Police Department. The actions may be an attempt to cover up the Constables Office’s conduct since 2010, which can be connected to two other lawsuits filed on a City of Kyle Police Chief and a Department of Veterans Affairs Police Chief.

The name change may be an attempt to portray himself as his half brother by last name only. His half brother is a retired DEA Agent.