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Cameron County Court at Law 5 Cause 19-CCR-01643 is on the Move to the 13th Court of Appeals

We have received notice the cause involving a fraudulent report by Terry Jay Wallace Senior, a Police Chief with the Department of Veterans Affairs, but acting in his private capacity is moving to the 13th Court of Appeals.

The County Clerk has informed us the Clerk’s Record has been certified and sent to the Appeals Court.

This will be very interesting with unsigned orders being presented in the filing. We will be curious to see what the Appeals Court does, and no matter what, the certification of the orders is very important.

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Once it is proven the orders to not exist, it is information we could never have known until that moment. Such is a precursor to a Writ of Habeas Corpus, within certain elements which can be raised.

We are still waiting on the response to our submission of “Request for Facts and Findings of Law,” which would explain the Judges reasoning in her Habeas Corpus decision. This should be due tomorrow, but we anticipate delays too.