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Cameron County Court at Law 5 Has Yet to Respond to the 13th District Court of Appeals

We are not surprised the Trial Judge (2019-CCR-01643) has not responded to the Texas 13th District Court of Appeals. We already witnessed improper conduct by members of the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office and the Court Clerk’s Office.

None of this is surprising us, in the pursuit of Justice. We already published matters where there were missing orders.

We also published a matter where it is suspected another potentially fabricated document was mailed to the defendant, through the County Clerk’s Office, but has yet to be uploaded, properly, to the Court Records.

And, now? We still await the Trial Judges response. Again, we believe the Trial Judge is unaware of the situation. We also believe the individuals involved in the improper conduct are attempting to make it the Trial Judges fault, but were shall see how this develops.

Again, based upon our experience, we are publishing as things happen.