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Cameron County Court of Law 5, Case 19-CCR-01643 – New Filing Submitted

In response to the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office (CCDAO) objection to the defendants motion to change pleading, the Pro Se submitted a “Statement of Facts,” for the CCDAO to consider before finally deciding to object.

The Pro Se understands the convoluted nature of the matter and has attempted to help the CCDAO see the real issues with the case.

The CCDAO was also informed the United States Air Force – Office of Special Investigations (AF-OSI) has confirmed approval to investigate and resolve the matter; as it stems from an incident on Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas.

The document submitted and filed with the County Clerk’s Office is provided for review:

It is still up to the Judge to decide what she will do; however, the concerns have also been filed in a Federal Lawsuit naming the complainant and others in a Civil Rights Violation.

The lawsuit, Ferrara v. Wallace, et al., can be referenced by accessing the public records of the case by requesting access to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) and searching for 5:20-cv-01128-FB-RBF