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Cameron County has yet to Respond to a Motion Filed Related to False Report by a Federal Police Chief Acting in His Private Capacity

On or about September 4, 2020, a motion was filed to change pleading from “no contest,” to “not guilty,” in a matter the First Chair Assistant District Attorney Edward Sandoval failed to provide proper justice.

The motion has clear and convincing items which show a lack of justice, as required by all District Attorney’s in the State of Texas.

Sandoval was the last person in the court room in December 2019, arguing for a matter which was unjustified.

In a misdemeanor matter, a defendant can always plead “no contest,” and appeal to the court at a later time. It is at the full discretion of the Judge if he/she would be willing to change the pleading, but a hearing should still occur. There is no expiration to when the motion can be made, but it has to be a “no contest,” pleading.

The issue with this matter, is the court staff for the Judge has not responded, per their website. The website states anyone with any concerns related to particular elements can email the court at the email addresses provided. This is the same problem exhibited in 2019.

For over two weeks, there has been no response from the court staff.

The motion (public record) is displayed below:

There has also been a complaint submitted on Sandoval, and it is below:

Previously, Cameron County has been notified of opportunity to assist with concerns.