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Cameron County Precinct 5 Deputy Constable Suspended

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Cameron County Precinct 5 Deputy Constable Suspended

Alfred (Al) LeBlanc, a Program Supervisor with the Mental Health Officer Task Force, Tropical Texas Behavioral Health claims he was lied to by a Cameron County Deputy Constable for Precinct 5.

LeBlanc communicated with Isidro Delgado, Chief Deputy for Cameron County Constable Precinct 5 about Deputy Constable Artemis Romero.

Program Supervisor and Chief Deputy Communicate About Deputy

On 10-11-22, [Chief Deputy Delgado] and [LeBlanc] were conversing about Deputy Constable Artemio Romero’s work hours when [Delgado] mentioned [Romero] was currently working an off duty assignment at a local school. [LeBlanc] mentioned [Romero] was scheduled to come to work at Tropical Texas Behavioral Health (TTBH) at 1500 hours on the same date. [Delgado] replied [Romero] was scheduled to work at the school until 1600 hours and [Delgado] asked [LeBlanc] if [Romero had] previously made arrangements, with [LeBlanc], to come to work late. [Romero] had not.

Tropical Texas Behavioral Health uses the KRONOS software application for the TTBH timesheet system. At around 1500 hours on 10-11-22, [LeBlanc] checked KRONOS and learned Deputy Romero had “punched in” via KRONOS at 1450 hours. Because [Delgado had] previously told [LeBlanc,] Deputy Romero was supposed to work at the school until 1600 hours, [LeBlanc] began a text message conversation with [Romero]. Below is the verbiage and times from that conversation. [LeBlanc] placed comments in italicized parenthesis.

[LeBlanc]: Are you at BOP? 1502 Hours (I asked this question because he was clocked into KRONOS. I already knew me he was working off duty. This shows his intent was to deceive.)

Artemio: I came to the Wilson office sir 1515 Hours (Another untrue statement)

[LeBlanc]: So, you’re not at the school? 1515 Hours

Artemio: I was earlier sir 1516 Hours {He was either still at the school or left the off duty job early.)

[LeBlanc]: The truth is you’re turning the county car from the off duty job on TTBH time. Right? 1517 Hours

Artemio: Yes sir why would I lie 1517 Hours (Because he was caught in multiple untrue statements.)

[LeBlanc]: Then why punch in to Kronos already? SMH 1518 Hours

Artemio: I don’t know sir, I do apologize. I’m already headed to BOP 1519 Hours (From talking to you, I know he didn’t park the county car until approximately 1538 hours)

[LeBlanc]: So, you’re almost at BOP? 1536 Hours

Artemio: Yes sir 1538 Hours (Another untrue statement. He was parking the county car.)

[LeBlanc]: Artemio, you just parked the car. Please stop with the lies. 1539 Hours

Artemio: Yes sir, I don’t know what is going on with me sir. This is not me. 1541 Hours

Artemio: I’m at BOP sir 1602 Hours (This is true. He did arrive at 1602 hours.)

Deputy Romero wanted [LeBlanc] to believe he was on duty for TTBH but at the Wilson Office. This is a blatant lie. He arrived at the Wilson office at or near 1538 hours. He was, in fact, working an off duty assignment prior to that but wanted [LeBlanc] to believe he was on duty for TTBH. This could have been avoided if Deputy Romero had called [LeBlanc] prior to him accepting the off duty job. He tried to cover up the deception through a series of lies.

E-Mail titled FW:Romero, dated October 17, 2022, from Alfred LeBlanc

Chief Deputy Suspends Deputy for Something Other Than Candor

Chief Deputy Delgado provided a two day suspension to Deputy Artemio Romero; however, the suspension was related to reporting for duty. Specifically cited was:

“Constable Pct. 5 policy Chapter 6.04 – Report to Duty. On October 11, 2022, Deptuy Artemio Romero failed to report on duty the time ans place so specified by the proper authority.”

The Policy states the following:


Employees of this Department shall punctually report for duty or present themselves at the time and place so specified by proper authority. They shall be properly uniformed or dressed; possess the proper equipment needed, and arrive prepared to carry out the duty assigned.”

On Tuesday October 11, 2022 at 2PM, [Delgado] was conversing with Texas Tropical Supervisor for Mental Health Deputies over the phone with Al Le Blanc about Artemio Romero. Mr. LeBlanc stated Artemio was putting on his time sheet that he had worked 9 hours and had not taken a lunch. Mr. LeBlanc stated that all deputies are required to take a lunch unless they have someone detained. On that day he did not have any documentation that he was with someone detained. I told [Leblanc] that he was working school security today. Mr. LeBlanc stated that Artemio worked at 3 PM that day. I told Mr. LeBlanc that the detail did not finish until 4PM. Mr. LeBlanc stated that Artemio had not made any arraignments to report to work late. At approximately 3:05 P.M., Mr. LeBlanc called and stated that Artemio had clocked in from his Lap top at 2:50 P.M. and I told Mr. LeBlanc that he was still at school security. At about 3:20 P.M., Mr. LeBlanc stated he called Artemio and Artemio said he was on his way to Texas Tropical. Artemio arrived at the Harlingen Annex at 3:36 P.M. to drop off his unit and still needed to travel to Texas Tropical in Brownsville, Texas to pick up his unit. He was not truthful to Mr. LeBlanc and attempted to deceive Cameron County and Texas Tropical of time from which he is paid.

Disciplinary Action Form, Dated October 17, 2022, from Chief Deputy Isidro Delgado, Cameron County Constable’s Office for Precinct 5

After multiple untrue statements, as indicated by LeBlanc’s email to Chief Deputy Delgado, Romero was cited for violating a report to duty policy. No other violation of policy was noted. Romero was given a two day suspension and unable to work side jobs until further notice.

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