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Cameron County Sheriff Candidate – John Chambers – HAS NO Felony Convictions, But May Need TCOLE Waiver

In a fast moving story, we have been able to assist in clearing the air for the sheriff candidates of Cameron County for the 2020 campaign.

Initial, John Chambers was convicted of Felony’s, which were overturned in appeals. Currently he only has misdemeanor convictions and a punishment phase seems to be set.

The good news? HE WILL NOT BE STATUTORY INELIGIBLE to be a peace officer, BUT he may require waivers from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

When is the right time to apply for it or them? Does he wait until after the punishment phase or start working the process now? Does he cite the duration a conviction was already upheld for time to meet the ten year limit?

Read our opinion on the legal argument surrounding the case.

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