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Cameron County Sheriff Candidate John Chambers is Statutory Ineligible to be a Sheriff? APPEAL SHOWS MISDEMEANORS – MAY NEED TCOLE WAIVER

We received records from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), which show an ineligibility for licensure.

We still believe he was allowed to register as there was an appeal to the convictions in place, but we are curious of the legal definition of what is considered “finally convicted,” within the Elections Code.

Below are a very small part of the file released to us by TCOLE:

So, who’s the new sheriff going to be in Cameron County? This years race seems very interesting.

UPDATE: it appears there has been clarification related to the publishing and an article by the Brownsville Hearld has the explanation.

Court of Appeals shows the convictions to be misdemeanors making Chambers eligible to run. The next hurdle would be a waiver from TCOLE.

Read our opinion on the legal argument surrounding the case.

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