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Cameron County Wavies Service for Another Employee Named in a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit.

Another waiver of service for Ferrara v. Wallace, 5:21-CV-00251. This time the waiver is for Luis Mendieta, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Deputy that did a less than average job in his investigative inquire to assist a Veterans Affairs Police Chief, Terry Jay Wallace Senior, in procuring an arrest warrant for a crime that never happened.

Is the receipt of the waiver groundbreaking? No, not at all, but it is a positive moment as the Cameron County Government, unlike other government bodies, this one seems to be waking up to the corruption being presented to them.

The only person left to waive service in this lawsuit is the person that created the mess to begin with, Terry Jay Wallace Senior.

The Cameron County Government was also given a settlement offer. The offer was simple. It was requested they do a proper job and the Plaintiff will not seek any monetary damages for the conduct of those acting without the Cameron County Governments awareness.

There were a few more items in the settlement offer, but nothing that should be shocking or unexpected. The reason for this offer will come out as the case develops.

Again, the lawsuit was filed as a Pro Se Litigant, but people may want to understand the Pro Se’s knowledge in the realm of these matters to understand why it should be looked at by the media, know different than if a bar card holding attorney filed the suit.

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