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City of Combes Police Release 2022 & 2021 Disciplinary Records

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City of Combes Police Release 2022 & 2021 Disciplinary Records

Police Chief Patrick Quill drafted a letter indicating the Combes Police Department took three disciplinary actions. These actions occurred in 2021 or 2022.

Two of the actions were reprimands. The letter does not provide for the names of the officers. In one incident, Chief Quill, stats an officer violated police department policy by not activating the department issued body-worn camera during a citizen contact. The other incident identifies an unnamed officer was reprimanded for carelessly operating a department vehicle.

The third incident provides for actions resulting in termination of an unnamed officer. In this instance, the police chief states several policies involving the performance of duties, prohibition of personal business while on duty, and violations of the Vehicle, Equipment, and Materials Policy resulted in separation of employment.

The City of Combes is not a civil service protected city. This means actions issued by the department do not have to rise to the level of a suspension before they are released.

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