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City of Harlingen Contradicts Commissioner Uribe’s Comments Which Removed Prior City Manager Daniel Serna

In a prior City of Harlingen Commissioners Meeting, Commissioner Richard Uribe made declaration that the City of Harlingen turned over medical records of a police officer to a “criminal.

Specifically quoted in the Valley Morning Star is the following:

Uribe also cited a case in which the city attorney’s staff sent a police officer’s personal information including medical records to a criminal.

The transaction was said to have occurred in a Open Records request; however, the City of Harlingen has provided confirmation that no records were turned over to a “criminal,” as described by Commissioner Uribe’s remarks.

The beautiful thing about the Texas Public Information Act is we must accept the answers as truth. It is what the Texas Attorney General would decide if a complaint was submitted based upon the information provided in Open Records.

So, now we have a “truth,” that contradicts Commissioner Uribe’s statement which was used to oust prior City Manager Daniel Serna.

What information was Commissioner Uribe relying upon in his presentation? Are there more inaccuracies in presentation? Was Daniel Serna removed improperly, based upon this new “truth?”

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NOTE: Commissioner Uribe created a presentation. The presentation was used for official government business and becomes government record. The citation to the “criminal,” should have been included (as record to support the action) in the presentation.