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City of Leon Valley Ex-Police Chief Appears to Receive No Severance Package

On March 6, 2021, a Open Records request was sent to the City of Leon Valley related Mr. Joe Salvaggio.

Based upon some public comments, we requested the two proposals related to the grievances Mr. Salvaggio claimed to have submit.

It was also requested that we receive the proposal he received which he was considering and the separation paperwork. We also asked for the separation agreement or severance package.

Here is the initial request:

The City of Leon Valley replied to the request and identified no “Grievances, Proposal from Mr. Salvaggio; Disciplinary are Actions.”

What the City of Leon Valley was able to provide was the termination document of Mr. Salvaggio’s employment:

As one can see, it appears there was no severance package or any special pay considerations in the separation of employment. There was no reason given to the separation other than the standard “at will,” statement.

We also received Mr. Salvaggio’s Separation of Licensee (F-5) and he was given a “Honorably Discharged,” status. With many news publishings and YouTube videos to consider. It appears Mr. Salvaggio has been given an opportunity to explain the separation.

It appears, sometimes, the situation is just not a conducive relationship. This is the opinion we have, as it relates to what we have seen.

Performing such employment screening in the past, we would be open to investigating the claims and evidence in making a hiring decision. On the surface, we do not see any reason Mr. Salvaggio would be unqualified for any future employment opportunity and based upon how it played out, a letter of reference wouldn’t even be of any validation in our review.