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Civil Rights Violations Have Been Reported to the DoJ on Cameron County

On September 21st, a report of Civil Rights Violation has been submitted to the Department of Justice (DoJ) related to an opportunity for the Cameron County Government to resolve the concerns of a citizen.

The County was given an extensive amount of time to review the concerns and respond.

The County never responded. The matter was sent to the County Judge and County Administrator for assistance.

It may be several weeks before anything is provided by the DoJ; however, a report of violations has been submitted.

The noticed provided to the County can be found here.

There is also a pending matter with the Cameron County Court, and it can be found here.

Much of this matter ties into a Federal Police Chief acting in his private citizen capacity, which can be found here.

He has also been named in a story where he misused his on-duty law enforcement authority, and a Tort Claim has been submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs, related to the matter. That story can be found here.