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1 Federal Lawsuit Claims Sexual Assault by a Texas Police Officer

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1 Federal Lawsuit Claims Sexual Assault by a Texas Police Officer

A Federal civil rights lawsuit was filed on July 5, 2022. The complaint, a five page document, identifies a Texas police officer and accuses him of sexual assault.

The filing, styled Jane Doe v Ascension Seton-Luling, Luling Police Department, and Officer Torres and provided Cause 1:22-CV-654, states the plaintiff’s name is being withheld due to being a victim of sexual assault.

Luling Police Department is a Small Town Department East of Seguin

The Luling Police Department is about an hour and a half east of downtown San Antonio, Texas and situated east of Seguin on Interstate Highway 10.

The department, per its website, is staffed by 15 sworn officers, 5 non sworn dispatchers, and 2 civilian personnel. The department also has two animal control officers.

Ascension Seton – Luling is the Location of the Alleged Assault

The complainant indicates she was brought to Ascension Seton by Officer Torres of the Luling Police Department. She was brought for an emergency detention. She states she was not under arrest during the five to six hour interaction with Officer Torres. She claims she was left alone with the officer.

The Complaint is Limited on Details of the Allegation

The complaint indicates Officer Torres had the complainant “do certain things.” She states that Officer Torres pressured her to perform and she claims she told him “no.”

The only clear action identified in the complaint was related to taking pictures of the complainants body.

The lawsuit claims Officer Torres sexually assaulted the complainant. She also claims assault and battery by Officer Torres. Specifically mentioned by the complainant is that Officer Torres “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused bodily injury to [the complainant] and/or intentionally or knowingly caused physical contact as offensive and/or provocative.”

The complainant also identifies the medical facility (Ascension Seton – Luling); as well as, the Luling Police Department as negligent participants of the conduct she was subjected to by Officer Torres. It was claimed the medical facility and police department had a duty to properly supervise and monitor the actions of Officer Torres; properly treat the complainant with due care; properly hire, train, and supervise the [involved] staff; and other acts of negligence.

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