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Complaint Submitted to City of Kyle Attorney Related to Police Chief Jeffrey B Barnett

Most recently, the City of Kyle has received a complaint related to the Police Chief. The matter was addressed in two separate complaint documents.

The first document surrounds “misuse,” of office; which is an item which may have caused recusal of the Hays County District Attorney’s Office from the matter.

Hays County District Court Order of Recusal of the District Attorney’s Office

The document above provides the language (as highlighted) to be “and/or” for multiple items. One being the Kyle Police Department’s Investigation Case Number 2019-32792 which was transcribed into a complaint to the City of Kyle Attorney displayed below:

Within the complaint, there is mention of the City of Kyle Ethics Commission. The video referenced in the link above, can be found here:

City of Kyle Ethics Committee Meeting – 8/12/2020 (screen recorded)
Thank you for reaching out to me. I understand that you have a duty to investigate the complaint that Mr. Ferrara has made against Chief Barnett. Please know that the criminal case involving Mr. Ferrara allegedly stalking Chief Barnett is still ongoing and under review. Given the impact Mr. Ferrara’s criminal case may have on your resolution of his ethics complaint, you may want to wait until the criminal case has been resolved before completing your investigation. Obviously you will do what justice requires. 

The proposal to freeze the Commission’s processing of the complaint was entirely my own, which the Commission subsequently approved doing.—Monte Akers, Ethics Compliance Officer”

The text above is claimed to be an e-Mail received by the City of Kyle Ethics Compliance Officer, from a Hays County Assistant District Attorney. In review of the video, it is clear, there was more communication than identified in the email. The outcome of the communication has yet to provide the claims the Hays ADA has made and such office has been “recused,’ from the matter, in its entirety. Prompting further questions of intentions and procedures.

The above document outlines how the Police Chief had control of his office to conduct an investigation and failed to meet multiple points of expectations of a government employee in the performance of his duties. Specifically, the Police Chief claimed to be the victim and used his department to file charges, while using his official capacity to do such.

The next complaint involved a review of the Police Chiefs government employment records and provides for inconsistencies found in review of the public records. Much of this has already been published in our other articles, but we provide the complaint below:

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