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Consulting & News? How?

Have you ever thought consulting and news could go together? Isn’t consulting also news? What’s the real difference?

The Hawk’s Eye was created to provide real information. The content of the product is to provide consumers with real findings about government related situations.

In providing these types of reports, or news publishings, as an expert in the field of oversight, we are able to explain the root problem, how it was caused, how to prevent it, and how to monitor it.

These news publishings become a reference to government process, successful or unsuccessful process.

Yes, some of the information may also be displayed in a manner to garner excitement to the story, and the stories published, so delivered.

One should follow all the work, or the level that he or she is interested in:

  • Field Review covers the local government matters
  • Lone Star Review covers the state level matters
  • Eagle Review covers the federal level matters
  • Birds Nest is a section to read about opinions, training, or educational pieces; which are mainly based upon the findings in the other sections, but may freelance too.

As we grow, our model may change to conform with other models; currently, we are a free source of information and we anticipate it to stay that way.

Our goal is to drive traffic to our site that interest readers. This allows us to build a “free,” service to readers through other avenues of marketing.

With every start up, there are out of pocket costs, and The Hawk’s Eye is know different.

So please, read, share, and subscribe to our article!!

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We are also interested in hearing the problems you, the reader, are having with government matters. When you submit we can take a look at your concern and provide you a meaningful and supported answer.

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We also like to support mainstream news with stories that may not have time to research, or the oversight background we have to develop such stories.

Keep reading The Hawk’s Eye News Section to see more about our work to help improve government.