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Custodial Death Report – Harlingen Police Department – AMENDED (2015)

Copied directly from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Custodial Death Report.

“Officers responded to a call at a local business where Mr. Ortiz was acting erratically and appeared to be under the influence of an unknown intoxicant. Mr. Ortiz was detained and became combative and aggressive.

He was handcuffed and a hobble device placed around his ankles to prevent his kicking at the officers. He was placed in a marked unit for transport to jail. Upon his arrival to the jail sallyport Mr. Ortiz became unresponsive and officers performed CPR in an attempt to revive him. EMS arrived and transportyed Mr. Ortiz to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

On 1-22-2016 Elizabeth J. Miller, M.D. issued a finding based on the autopsy of Ortiz. Dr. Miller cited Acute Combined Cocaine and Ethanol Toxicity.”