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Custodial Death Report – Harlingen Police Department – AMENDED (2018)

Copied directly from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Custodial Death Report.

“Officers responded to 2921 South Expressway 77 in reference to a suspicious person. Officers located a male, later identified as Aaron Ruben Servellon, who appeared to be possibly suffering from excited delirium. According to responding Officers, Servellon was laying on the ground, convulsing, twitching, and sweating profusely. Officers immediately called Emergency Medical Services and attempted to calm Servellon. As the Officers attempted to calm Servellon, he became restless and attempted to get up from the ground. At one point Survellon jumped to his feet and began making grunting noises and swinging his arms. Officers were able to have Servellon sit down again, but due to his bizarre behavior, he wash handcuffed to prevent him from injuring himself. While seated on the ground, Servellon became more combative and kicked an Officer in the leg. Officers then placed leg shackles on Servellon to prevent further injury. Servellon was transported by EMS to Valley Baptist Medical Center where he later died. An autopsy has been ordered and the Texas Rangers were notified.

On 11-2-2018 Elizabeth J. Miller, MD issued a finding based on her autopsy of Servellon. Dr. Miller’s finding was that Servellon died of Complication of Acute Methamphetamine Toxicity.”