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Custodial Death Report – Rockwall Police Department

Copied directly from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Custodial Death Report

“On 10-30-20 at approximately 11:13pm, decedent Jose Ricardo Alonso, W/M, 03/18/2999 assaulted another member of his household at 489 Tubbs Rd, Rockwall, Tx 75032. Alonso fired a single round from a handgun striking the household member in the neck causing serious injury.

Alonso fled the scene and was located by officers a few minutes later in the 600 block of Bass Rd. a street over from the first incident. Officers checked out on Alonso as he was walking with a female companion and attempted to detain him. Mr. Alonso cooperated initially with the detention but then attempted to flee. Officers attempted to control Mr. Alonso exercising soft, empty hands techniques at first, eventually wrestling with Mr. Alonso in an attempt to take him to the ground to gain effective control of him.

While officers were attempting to take Mr. Alonso to the ground, Alonso pulled a small handgun from his pocket, placed it to his head and fired a single round causing a single gunshot wound to the head. Officers provided emergency first-aid until ambulance personnel arrived and took over life-saving measures. Alonso was transported to Presbyterian Hospital, Rockwall, Texas where he was pronounced deceased.”