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Dallas Security Force was Approved in 1983, How Many Attended before it was Approved? Did They Take the State Mandated Test?

In review of our fourth or fifth request for information on Dallas Security Force, to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) it appears they were approved in August 1983.

This means, the officers that attended the school before August 1983, were not approved by TCOLE.

This is exciting news! It means that there are those that have attended Dallas Security Force who would be deemed as attending a proper academy from TCOLE; however, it also shows there are some that may have not attended a proper academy.

TPIA, TCOLE – August 3, 1983 Meeting Minutes
TCOLE, TPIA – August 3, 1983 – Meeting Minutes

Above are two pages of the August 3, 1983 meeting minutes. The first page is just to show the meeting occurred. The second page displayed is to show the Academy Certification being provided. We do have the complete meeting minutes; however, they are not relevant to the story.

TCOLE, TPIA – Certified Academy Numbers

Above is the list of academy numbers entered, which show approval of the Dallas Security Force, which was approved on August 3, 1983. It is important to note, it would be hard to validate an academy before it would be approved.

TPIA, TCOLE – March 25, 1994 – No Longer an Active Academy

On or before March 25, 1994, the Academy, Dallas Security Force was no longer a valid academy, recognized by TCOLE.

TPIA, TCOLE – Academy Training BEFORE Approval by TCOLE
TPIA TCOLE – Academy Training BEFORE Approval by TCOLE

Above are two, of many F6 Records; which are the documentation of training submitted to TCOLE. As one may see, they were taken before the academy was approved. TCOLE cannot retroactively approve training.

The training would of had to been started after the approval of the academy. There are more who have attended the unapproved school before August 3, 1983.

This is an interesting development and one that should allow those that attended the school, properly, be with affirmation. It is sad we had to publish so much of the government records and answers we received before someone did a proper review.

Texas Register, December 21, 1983 – Emergency Order – Licensing Exam Required
Texas Register, April 13, 1984 – Permanent Order for Licensing Exam (Emergency Order Rescinded)

Interestingly enough, on December 21, 1983, which would be a few months after Dallas Security Force was granted approval to be an academy, all graduates would be required to take a licensing Exam.

A licensing exam would be required to obtain a “permanent peace officer qualification certification.’ Below is the response, received today, November 17, 2020, from TCOLE that three people who were enrolled in the Dallas Security Force do not have a permanent qualification in their file. We are still working to see if they took the licensing exam.

Here is the rule related to the issuance of a permanent certification for individuals:

Texas Register, December 4, 1979 – Permanent Peace Officer Qualification Certification

As once may be able to see, once someone meets the licensing standards and completed the training, the temporary certificate holder would be issued a permanent certification. This was the process, as of December 4, 1979 and during a good portion of time in the 1980’s. During the 1980’s TCOLE removed the temporary ability of appointments.

So, since we haven’t see a permanent certification, we wonder if those at Dallas Security Force was ever examined. We are waiting from response from TCOLE; hopefully, this time, we won’t need to request the information multiple times.