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Default Judgement Motion Filed in Lawsuit Involving the City Manager of Harlingen

On November 3, 2021, a motion for a hearing to confirm a default judgement on the City Manager Gabriel Gonzalez was filed in the 404th District Court of Cameron County.

The motion comes as Mr. Gonzalez has not answered the lawsuit served on him through the service provided by Cameron County Sheriff’s Office, on or about October 11, 2021. The confirmation of service was returned to the District Clerk, on or about October 18, 2021.

Mr. Gonzalez was contacted through his tenure as Assistant City Manager, in his role as the Internal Affairs official for the City of Harlingen. The concern was related to someone appearing to portray himself as a Harlingen Police Officer. The issue was the lack of engagement to identify the person suspected of claiming to work for the Harlingen Police Department.

Especially, when the Harlingen Police Department Internal Affairs Chief Daniel Villarreal was contacted about the matter after numerous sources also confirmed to the petitioner that he (Chief Villarreal) and the man pictured in this article were not the same individual.

A further point of interest is connected to a matter in Kyle, Texas and involves a Police Chief. This Police Chief had communications with Chief Villarreal about the petition, but has failed to actually address the petitioners concern.

There are multiple points of failure within the City of Harlingen which have caused the petitioner serious concerns for his safety if he were to travel to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and they stem from the actions of two people when the petitioner moved to the RGV in late 2010.

The person pictured below has been seen on more than one occasion around the petitioner and has attempted to instill fear into the petitioner, in a way one could legitimately make a case for Federal Stalking.

The actions did not stop when the petitioner was forced to move from the RGV, but actually began to involve another person who attempted to do the same thing in Princeton, Texas when the petitioner lived there, prior to late 2010. Such person is the Police Chief mentioned above in the City of Kyle. Said Police Chief was the petitioners neighbor in Princeton, Texas. Soon after the petitioner moved to the RGV, the Police Chief lost his employment with the City of Princeton and covered it up to gain employment with the City of Kyle.

There is a lawsuit filed on the City Manager of Kyle for similar conduct as the City Manager in the City of Harlingen.