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Did Cameron County First Assistant District Attorney Put the Cart Before the Horse in Nepotism Case?

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, through its’ First Assistant, Edward A Sandoval, to the District Attorney, Luis V. Saenz, filed a brief in support of actions to take upon conviction.

This brief, previously documented, was related to Brownsville Independent School District (ISD) Trustee, Minerva Peña being indicted for a Class C misdemeanor of Nepotism. The case was originally filed in the Cameron County 404th District Court under cause 2021-DCR-02482.

This case was initially filed on October 20, 2021; however, a hearing was conducted on March 25, 2022, to attempt to quash the filing instrument. On March 31, 2022, the Court rendered its judgement. It decided to grant Minerva Peñas’ Motion to Quash Indictment.

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Did the actions of claiming special requirements should a conviction happen, which was filed weeks after filing this case, need to happen? Should the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office have waited to submit such a document? It was signed by First Assistant Edward Sandoval.

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We have not received the reason for granting the motion to quash, but we suspect it may be a little difficult to refile, should the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office attempt to do such.

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