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Disabled Veteran Receives Libel from the Department of Veterans Affairs

A disability rated Air Force Veteran has received much libel from the Veterans Affairs within South Texas

The veteran, a previous Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer, Employee and Labor Relations Specialist, Security Assistant, and Police Officer of the Department has had nothing but problems with conduct by the Departments employees, which contradict its ICARE values:

ICARE Core Values from VA Website

They have not met the mission they advertise:

Mission Statement from VA Website

They also seem to have forgotten the legal obligation of all federal employees:

The Police Chief, Terry Jay Wallace Senior, assigned to the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) and previously the Veterans Affairs Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System (VCB) has been involved in spreading much slander/libel/defamation.

Somehow a patient flag was placed upon the veterans patient record, without even being a patient:

In the document, it claims “strange comments,” on Facebook, and a complaint to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). The complaint was an anonymous complaint and the veteran was never interviewed; however, it’s mentioned within a Veterans Affairs Police Service (VAPS) report. The flag was placed by VCB, yet it was made out to be at a higher level. Also, the veteran didn’t see a judge as claimed, nor does he have a “colorful past.”

How could a veteran have a flag placed on his record, if he’s not even a patient? Those were the questions the veteran was attempting to obtain.

Communication from VCB employee Gregorio E. Kishketon
Communication from VCB employee Gregorio E. Kishketon

The veteran has been attempting to obtain clarification for some time, in doing so, the Police Chief files a false report, read our article “Veterans Affairs Police Chief Files False Report.” Please read our article “Veterans Affairs Police Authority Exceeded?” for more on the legal scope of VAPS. Also read “Veterans Affairs Employee Lies to Disabled Veteran,” and “Veteran Cannot Get Records Amended,” for more VA misconduct.

The FOIA of why a flag was placed was received today, April 24, 2020; and multiple attempts to communicate with the VA since 2018 have been unsuccessful. The veteran never received one response from the VCB Director Homero Martinez.

We are still awaiting comment from the VA on the matter.

NOTE: the veteran is neither “bipolar,” nor “delusional,” as indicated. He has been rated for PTSD and is the only proper diagnosis. The previous diagnosis were at the hands of a VA employee that abruptly left VCB.