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EDITORIAL: Saint Barnett and His Legion of Fools

The is a man as tall as Napoleon with the same kind of kinder spirit.

He has worked his way through life by deception and a fake persona.

He tries to cover up his past and has lied to obtain everything he has obtained in life.

He has many children but decides supporting them is not important. He prefers to have a married woman burden his new life. Typically not an issue, but the women aren’t married to him.

Many people blindly follow Saint Barnett and defend his fabricated honor. They call this short fellow a “good guy,” that has done no harm to anyone, but they do so at his word, as if they are all part of a cult.

The cult seems to be a bunch of ignorant fools, parading around to cover up the Saints bad deeds.

Even allegations of underage indulgence doesn’t affect this legion of fools, they will follow where ever he goes.

As you notice, this post has no specific individuals named….. 🤷🏻‍♂️

We suggest people review the evidence before deciding to continue in their cult activities.

People may find our information is actually RELIABLE.

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