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Ethics Commission Meeting Scheduled with the City of Kyle, Texas

An interesting note about this meeting. We asked multiple “investigative,” news media’s to help us with a problem we were having. It seems, one may have attempted to look into us. We are not worried about who looks into us, because we have nothing to hide.

What concerns us, is why would someone not take our leads? We have solid information. We developed the story from beginning to end. We have submitted complaints for review. We have this type of background.

Many in the government have schemed against us. The concern is, the news outlets we go to are suppose to be for such assistance of the people; yet, there was no assistance.

In any case, we are unsure what will happen with this Ethics Complaint we have submitted. We hope it is a proper review and decision. We can provide the proof to our allegations, should anyone want to see them.

We respect the government, we want to help improve the government. We have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do such; maybe that is why there seems to be resentment and resistance from employees of such status?

Just look at the facts, evaluate the facts without the emotional feelings of the situation and you should see the truth.

But, if your interested in the meeting, here is the posted agenda:

Receive from the City of Kyle, Texas website