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Ethics Complaint Filed with the City of Kyle

An Ethics Complaint was submitted to the City of Kyle and is currently under review. There is a ninety (90) day window until a response is provided.

The complaint focuses on the Police Chiefs conduct for an extended amount of time. It also addresses a matter where he has claimed Victim, but has used his Office for investigations into the matter of his claim.

In April 2018, the Police Chief was reached out to about his conduct and how it has spread to Bexar County and beyond over a course of many years.

We await the Ethics Compliance Officers review and decision.

Interesting note, in 2016, the FBI in San Antonio was contacted about this conduct and soon after, they made their presence known in a community where such conduct has occurred. It seems they may be in observation of this long stemming conduct.

Another interesting note, in 2010/2011, individuals associated with this Police Chief told on themselves to an FBI Agent in Cameron County about the past conduct. A couple years later an FBI Task Force Officer appeared.

Why has nothing happened yet? Maybe it has? Maybe there is more to this than small pieces? Why aren’t governments replying to emails appropriately?