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Executive Director of TCOLE Being Sued for Allowing Improperly Certified Peace Officers to Police Texas

The Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement is being sued in Travis County District Court under Cause D-1-GN-22-000205, for allowing many people to police Texas without proper certification.

The full lawsuit can be read HERE.

The lawsuit alleges that many people who were appointed as peace officers in Texas by way of the reserve program did not take the first course at an approved school, as required by legislation. It further details how those reserve officers also did not take a licensing exam for the first of three course sequences.

The lawsuit also focuses on the Dallas Security Force academy, which was claimed to be ran in the early 1980’s and late 1970’s which was never approved by TCOLE to offer peace officer licensing until 1983 at which time the legislature also required licensing exams.

Mr. Kim Vickers was made aware of the issue and failed to act as Texas Legislature requires and has been sued for his alleged failures.

This story will be updated.