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Federal Civil Rights Violations – Lawsuit- Ferrara v. Wallace, et al – ATTORNEY CONNECTION – Jeffrey B Barnett: Kyle Police Chief

Part of the complaint within Ferrara v. Wallace, et al filed in the US District Court, Western District of Texas within San Antonio; includes a connection of a previous lawsuit where Jeffrey B Barnett, Kyle Police Chief, is named and the attorney he used.

Specifically, the court records in Dr. Glen Hurlston v. City of Princeton, et al (4:13-cv-00757-RC-ALM) list Barnett as being represented by a Kimberly “Beth” Herbert.

Kimberly “Beth” Herbert becomes an important connection of employment for the plaintiff in Ferrara v. Wallace, et al.

She was the attorney claiming to have authority to handle the plaintiff’s employment matter:

As one can see in the email, she was “authorized,” to work an employment matter. What one may not realize, is that she seemed to have left her employer soon after this transaction; as indicated in her LinkedIn profile:

It looks like she started at TRT Holdings, Inc (the owner of Gold’s Gym) in May of 2017; which during the time the plaintiff worked for Gold’s Gym. It also appears in July 2019 she left their employment. Such employment must of been on or after July 16, 2019.

There seems to be a break in employment of about two months and she begins working at a new corporation. This is also shown on her State of Texas Bar registration:

There is more to present, as this case is publicly filed and the information presented is publicly accessible to anyone who would like to view the filings on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) , by searching for 5:20-cv-01128-FB-RBF

Also, this is the second publication in the series of this matter. The first may be accessible by clicking here. Where the Federal and State statues raised are provided.