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Ferrara v Wallace Et Al, a Lawsuit on Two Police Chief’s is Moving to an Appeal

Ferrara v. Wallace Et Al, (a case involving a Veterans Affairs Police Chief and the City of Kyle Police Chief) has moved to the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals under 21-50050, after a District Judge appeared to overlook objections made to the US Magistrate’s Report and Recommendations.

The US District Court made the decision after the window of opportunity for anyone to object to the objections raised; except the City of Princeton.

We are waiting to see what the next steps are for the 5th Circuit. Typically, a brief will be required.

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The decision was made by the US District Judge on January 29, 2021 and an appeal was submitted soon after the decision.

Again, everything stated in the documents is 100% true and can be reviewed in full here:

Now, the brief will be able to tie all the components of the case together.