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FINAL CONFIRMATION – No Academy at Dallas Love Field for Dallas Security Force Employee’s

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We received confirmation, there was NO SCHOOL per LAW for a handful of Rowlett Police Department employees; whom claimed academy time at Dallas Security Force.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) completed a search of all records, to include all meeting minutes where academy’s would be listed for approval.

They CONFIRMED, Dallas Security Force AND Dallas Love Field were never CERTIFIED schools.

The TSLAC, was kind enough to show us a few proper schools within Dallas for the period of request.

We hope they enjoyed the review of Texas Law Enforcement history and we cannot express our gratitude for their dedication to the Texas Constitution.

Here is there response:

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We almost forgot, we received these records from the City of Rowlett, for a period of time we lived in the Rio Grande Valley.

We wonder why they say “federal seized.”

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TPIA City of Rowlett
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