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For TWO YEAR’s We Have Asked the City of Kyle HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT on Their Police Chief – The Answer?

It turns out, after two years of emailing the City of Kyle on how to file a complaint on the Police Chief and submitting a Ethics Committee complaint on the Police Chief, Jeffrey Blake Barnett, the answer was so simple.

It turns out, per City of Kyle Police Department procedures, in their General Orders, signed by Jeffrey Barnett, in Chapter 2.4 which is titled “Internal Investigation Process,” any officer is OBLIGATED to explain the complaint procedures.

TPIA, City of Kyle

Above, is a screenshot of one page of hundreds of pages of policy, which was released through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) process which highlights (literally highlighted) the REQUIREMENT of ANY OFFICER.

It clearly stated, “all officers ARE OBLIGATED to explain complaint procedures to anyone who inquires.

It also turns out, for over two years, we have inquired, yet we were ignored, UNTIL Jeffrey Barnett decided to file criminal complaint by way of his own officer, for “stalking.”

In reality, HE HAD THE OBLIGATION to perform his duties to ANY PERSON. We believe we are a person or people and the General Orders apply to us.

So, hopefully everyone can see why there is a Federal Lawsuit filed on Jeffrey Barnett for 42 USC 1983, Violation of Civil Rights. Somehow, the City has done NOTHING to correct the matter.

We already knew he would need to tell us how to make a complaint, even before we got the policies, but now we have proof for the public.

Also, of an interesting note, was the attempt, by whomever was authorized, to have the request for the policies to be displayed as an “exemption denial;” however, that could not be further than the truth. The Texas Attorney General ruling was the City MUST release the files, but exclude common sense items.

TPIA Response, City of Kyle

Someone made the decision to inform us our request was denied; however, when we accessed the record set, the records were uploaded. We are very curious, under who’s guidance, the file was coded as a denial. Our guess? Based upon two years of asking? Probably who you are thinking.

TPIA Ruling, Texas Attorney General’s Office