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Harlingen Police Commander Retires – Per Police Department Facebook

The Harlingen Police Department posted on Facebook that Commander John David Osborne has retired from the Department

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Received from Harlingen Police Department Facebook

A review of his service record, shows 5 years as a reserve officer with the Town of Combes and 17 years of full time service with the City of Harlingen.

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Open Records from TCOLE

A review of the Texas Municipal Retirement System website shows a City of Harlingen employee must be 60 years of age and have 5 years of qualifying service or have 20 years of qualifying service at any age.

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Does the 5 years at the Town of Combes count towards the 20 years of service? What if the time was unpaid or voluntary?

Or is there another retirement plan from the City of Harlingen?

Should the retirement be of another system listed on the City of Harlingen website then one could retire at any tenure.

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Received from the City of Harlingen Website