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Harlingen Police Department Won’t Identify Stalker

We have tried to make a complaint in the past related to someone prancing around the Rio Grande Valley spreading massive rumors and deceptive statements.

Those statements spread throughout an extended period of time. Such statements were and are harmful, yet the Harlingen Police Department failed to address the issue.

Instead, they decided to partake in the spread of the slander, defamation, and libel. It appears many people were concerned or worried about what had been spread. People were either exposed to the conduct or were not and we won’t be elaborating on the specifics.

In any regards, people believed those that stated the lies; however, being unfounded, now it seems there are protective measures being put into place to protect those that were deceitful.

It is, as if, they (those involved) hoped they’d find a real crime by spreading lies, but it didn’t work.

Now, there are two Federal Lawsuits filed on people involved and others still remain unidentified. Those lawsuits are in some of our other publishings.

In contacting the City of Harlingen, City Attorney’s, they would only advised the person does not work for Harlingen Police Department, but a report was still not taken.

They were even shown the Facebook page of the person claiming that he worked for Harlingen Police Department and still failed to take a complaint.

You can expand the picture below to see a high level concern presented to the Harlingen Police Department that was ignored.

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