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Exposed: Hays County Deputy Constable From Precinct 3 Had Relationship With Inmate

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Hays County Deputy Constable From Precinct 3 Had Relationship With Inmate

On October 29, 2021, Deputy Cody Cheatham of the Hays County Constables Office for Precinct 3 received a phone call from Deputy Gassman,also a Hays County Precinct 3 Deputy. Gassman was off-duty at the time of the call to Cheatham. Cheatham received the call on his personal cell phone. During the call, Deputy [Kaley] Gassmann asked Sergeant (Sgt) Torres, a supervisor for the Hays County Constables Office for Precinct 3 and Cheatham to go to a nail salon in Wimberley that is located across the street from the Hays County Constable Precinct 3 Office.

Torres and Cheatham went to the nail salon and saw Gassmann with her friend. During the meeting, Gassmann’s friend disclosed that Gassmann was in a relationship with an inmate.

Hays County Deputy Constable is Initially Untruthful

Once the disclosure occurred, Gassmann initially denied the claims. She stated the inmate was already out of prison. Then she states he will be out in January of 2022. Witness accounts indicated the news heard in the nail salon was shocking to everyone who heard it.

Gassmann also indicated the inmate calls her, but she does not pick up the phone. It was learned the inmate was a prisoner in Virginia. Gassmann claimed she had not talked to the inmate since 2020.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office Contacts the Virginia Department of Corrections

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office received a referral from the Hays County Constable’s Precinct 3 Office on the matter. On November 3, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office contacted the Virginia Department of Corrections and requested records.

The records revealed the inmate spoke to Gassmann twenty-three times from May 5, 2022 to October 27, 2021. The total talk time was identified to be six hours and seven minutes. Gassmann exchanged eight emails with the inmate between June 2021 to August 2021.

In records released by the Virginia Department of Corrections, it was identified the inmates mother sent an email two days after Torres confronted Gassmann about the relationship. The email, sent to the inmate, stated “Kaley needs you to destroy any JPay messages. Her friend jokingly said that Kaley has a bf in prison and now her boss is doing an investigation.” It should be noted that JPay is the Virginia Department of Corrections facility email system and Gassmann has been a member since March of 2020.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office Interviews Gassmann

On November 16, 2021, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office interviewed Gassmann. She was provide a “Notice of Allegations,” which claimed she was untruthful prior to being interviewed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Gassmann claims she knew the inmate since fourth or fifth grade. Gassmann sates the inmates mom was a School Resource Officer (SRO) at her school and they were family friends. Gassmann admits to contacting the inmate. Gassmann claims the inmate has her number because she has had the same number since junior high school.

Gassmann claims the first time the inmate was called was because his mom asked Gassmann to contact him, because he was “really down.” She claims there is nothing romantic and the communication was not a big deal. She also stated she would not date an inmate.

Gassmann claims many of the calls went to voicemail and the inmate called her all the time. She may have spoken to the inmate three or four times.

The investigator for the Hays County Sheriff’s Office informed Gassmann, the reason for the inquiry was related to being untruthful and not related to the relationship status.

Gassmann went on to states she had not talked to the inmate in six or seven months from the date she was interviewed in November of 2021. Gassmann admitted to sending three or four emails. She also stated the inmate wanted a relationship with her, bus she did not want one with him. Gassmann stated they would talk for fifteen to twenty minutes and would talk about once every four months.

Gassmann told the investigator she felt she was truthful prior to being interviewed.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office Provides Gassmann Conflicting Proof

The investigator provided proof that Gassmann spoke to the inmate twenty three times since May of 2020. Initially, Gassman stated the information provided was wrong, but the investigator provided the complete call log and times of each call. The investigator asked if the information was incorrect and Gassmann stated “apparently they’re not, but I don’t remember twenty-three times.” She was informed the last time she spoke to the inmate was on October 27, 2021.

Gassmann started to inquiry about the phone records the investigator had so he provided them to her, for her review. The investigator reaffirmed the interview was related to her truthfulness and not the relationship status.

Gassmann admitted to lying to her employer and the investigator because she was worried about losing her job and because she was scared.

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office Provided its Findings

The investigator determined the evidence in the inquiry clearly established Gassmann was untruthful concerning her connection to an inmate. She lied about how many times she spoke with the inmate.

Only after the investigator provided proof, did Gassmann admit she was lying to the investigator and to her employer. The investigator conclude that Gassmann was purposely untruthful during the interview and when presented with the evidence, she admitted she lied.

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