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Hays County Court at Law Clerk Lacks Candor

We all may remember when prior Hays County Court at Law #3 Judge Millie Thompson had issues with employees within the Hays County Court at Law. Many may have articulated her actions as bizarre, but those speculating may have been unknowing to what was really brewing in the Hays County Court at Law.

Many may not have realized some issues uncovered which may have contributed to her deciding to step down from her elected office. What if Millie Thompson was not wrong about certain staff within the Hays County Court? What if those doing wrong were working together to cover up their actions and challenging anyone that may cast out the wrong doers?

Well, with this in mind, we want to reference a second habeas corpus proceeding which was initially assigned to Judge Thompson, but actually went to Judge Linda Rodriguez because of what may have transpired for Judge Thompson to resign her post.

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Pictured above is the second habeas corpus for the petitioner listed in the document. It occurred because the initial habeas corpus was identified not to contain any felonies; although the petition was arrested for a felony. In any case, the petitioner was having difficulties in getting a hearing date established for the petition.

The prior Court Administrator and the assigned Pro Tem attorney’s decided on their own that the petitioner didn’t need a hearing. That is correct, two prosecutors and a court clerk decided someone under restraint didn’t need a hearing.

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It was completely baffling that a court clerk and two attorney’s could have such an ex parte conversation that affected the welfare of the petitioner who was also self represented. It’s like the court clerk and the Pro Tem’s did not recognize the petitioners Pro Se status.

The matter was raised to Judge Thompson, and Judge Thompson soon resigned her role as elected County Judge for County Court at Law 3.

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Soon after this email was sent to Judge Thompson, with two Pro Tem’s on it so it does not create an ex parte communication matter, Judge Thompson resigned her role as County Court at Law 3 Judge.

The resignation was only the beginning of the concerns Millie Thompson raised to actually surface. Since Millie Thompson has resigned, we have been provided proof that golden boy Chris Perez truly may have attempted to harm Millie Thompson’s tenure as an elected Judge.

As you can see from the matter presented above, the habeas petition filed in said court is now in an appeal with the 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas; but not without proof of improper actions by Chris Perez.

Our interaction with Chris Perez followed the lines of Millie Thompson. Chris Perez decided to make a judicial decision on his own and the matter has been referred to the Hays County Human Resources Office, the Travis County District Attorney, and most recently to the 3rd Court of Appeals (by way of a motion for contempt of court).

You see, Mr. Perez decided that he did not need to talk to his Judge to decide what to do with an order he received. Instead, he followed the path of prior Court Administrator Sandra Lopez and two Pro Tem attorney’s to decide that a Pro Se litigant doesn’t have his right to represent himself.

Mr. Perez even lied to the Pro Se litigant and claimed he was a new employee, just learning his job, which was a complete lie, considering all the news stories surrounding Mr. Perez and Millie Thompson.

Mr. Perez has zero candor and his actions in the most recent cause may contribute to a form of vindication for Millie Thompson.

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The full complaint submitted to the Hays County Human Resources and Travis County District Attorney’s Office can be found HERE.

The complaint went to Travis County because the records of concern and order thereof were associated with the 3rd Court of Appeals; which is in Austin, Texas.

If the whole Chris Perez mess was not enough, compile it with the Pro Tem being served a notice to show cause for her intentional decision not to perform her duties as the law requires.

It definitely seems like some feel they can attempt to push over a Pro Se Litigant, but it also seems those actions and attempts are beginning to have legal consequences. This may be happening because the Pro Se they attempt to push, actually knows the system, and has the background to stand up, legally, to improprieties of government workers.

This is why a Police Chief wants to silence our blog and why he uses his buddies to try to minimize the message of truth. Now the Police Chief will have to testify in a tribunal about all the lies he has been telling the people, so he could preserve his government paycheck while getting other government workers to go along with his thought process. Everything here is clearly connected and it will all be shown, as time allows it to develop.