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Hays County Court Receives Unique Proof of a Fabricated Case in Their Court System

The Kyle Police Department, Police Chief Jeff Barnett may have to explain the filings he has made to restrict the freedoms of a citizen.

Most recently, after the Hays County Court at Law 1 Judge recused himself from a misdemeanor case of Harassment on a “John Smith,” a “Waiver of Arraignment,” was submitted.

Typically this wouldn’t be a big deal, but how it was written calls into question the actions of the Kyle Police Chief.

The evidence is clear, there is no crime of Harassment or Stalking, but Barnett seems to keep having government actions taken towards an innocent citizen.

This time, the Presiding Judge will have to review the waiver and make a decision.

In process, it’s very simple, there is no magistrate file and there is no warrant filed, but this whole process has been anything but ordinary.

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The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News
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All these records are public record, filed within the cause listed in the waiver and two other causes. Anyone interested in finding out what has been going on in Kyle, Texas under Barnett’s watch is welcome to do so, but this appears to be a crystal clear case of Abuse of Official Capacity by such Police Chief.

The issue is how he uses his network to attempt to perfect his scheme. It appears the network is diminishing now and the truth is being to surface.

We will keep you update on this matter as the outcome has material value to “The Hawk’s Eye,” function as a blogger.

Be sure to read the waiver (pictured above) and provide us any comments or feedback.