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Hays County Criminal District Attorney‘s Office Confirms a Few of a Hays County Police Chief’s Improprieties

On December 10, 2021, the Hays County Government through the Hays County Office of General Counsel released a confirmation that neither Kyle Police Chief Jeffrey Blake Barnett, or his officers, provided a document to the Hays County Criminal District Attorney ‘s Office to have his name protected from public display in court filings.

Essentially, the public should know that Jeffrey Blake Barnett is claiming to be a victim in a case where he neglected his lawful duty and commanded his officers through control and management to assure a citizen was oppressed for Mr. Barnett’s benefit; while intentionally harming the citizen to suppress Mr. Barnett’s government history from being properly exposed.

The Hays County Office of General Counsel also confirmed that Mr. Barnett never filed an “official complaint,” as he indicated in a sworn statement to his Ethics Commission where he is accused of ethics violations.

Here is the excerpt from the sworn complaint by Mr. Barnett, in response to an ethics complaint that was put on hold due to improprieties of an unknown female Assistant District Attorney for the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

It should be noted, the interference of the unknown female government employee caused Hays County Criminal District Attorney Wes Mau to recuse his office of any matters related to Mr. Barnett and the citizen.

There is not an initial offense report, or statement by Mr. Barnett. The case by the Kyle Police Department is a case coversheet listing a “John Smith,” as a victim of harassment and staking; as well as, supplemental reports where no official report exists to generate the initial coversheet.

Essentially, the Kyle Police Department through the control and management of its Police Chief investigated and stalked a citizen for the Police Chief’s benefit. The stalking occurred, on the record, for almost two years before the Police Chief decided to officially suppress the citizens rights to publish matters of public importances.

Mr. Barnett could not or would not identify which publishing was false, or slanderous, but rather, he ordered his officers to have the citizen arrested. Because of his actions, the impropriety of the unknown female Hays County Criminal District Attorney, and the improper review of the Travis County Attorney’s Office, the City Manager of the City of Kyle has been served a lawsuit requesting the court to order the City Manager to perform his lawfully required duty.

We are still wondering which publishing is false and slanderous:

If the publishings are true, then it appears the City Manager has a duty required of him to perform.