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Hays County DA Recuses Himself in Matter Involving City of Kyle Police Chief, Jeffrey B Barnett

Per Criminal District Attorney Wes Mau’s word, the case related to Jeffrey B Barnett, City of Kyle Police Chief, has been referred to the Travis County District Attorney’s Office for processing.

Specifically mentioned in the recusal is the following:

Referee for “any potential case regarded Mr. Ferrara AND/OR Kyle Police Department’s investigation Case number 2018-32792, AND/OR Hays County Warrant No. F20-113JP2

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It is very important to reference the “AND/OR,” between the elements; as this CONFIRMS Mr. Mau’s previous information that the WHOLE MATTER would be under review.

Now that there is “impartiality,” between the District Attorney’s Office serving “Pro Tem,” and the involved parties (specifically the City of Kyle and Hays County Justice of the Peace Office) we will be curious to see what the Pro Tem decides.