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INFORMATIONAL: Hays County Judge Leases to Activist News Outlet

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INFORMATIONAL: Hays County Judge Leases to Activist News Outlet

In recent weeks, the Texas Secretary of State registered business known as Caldwell/Hays Examiner has made a couple of misleading publications related to various scenarios.

The publication, claiming to be an activist news platform is ran by local, Jordan Buckley. Buckley has also been published in the Austin Chronicle.

Retrieved from public comment on a Social Media Platform (Facebook)

Most recently, the news platform has stated in public forum that is leases from Hays County Judge Ruben Beccera. In making such claims, the news platform attempts to assert that the leasing is not really from Ruben Becerra, but Monica Becerra and through a company called Specialized Medical Solutions. Interestingly enough, the leaser, in context of payments made to the company, are to an organization listed on the Texas Secretary of State website, as “forfeited existence.”

In less than a week, the publication has made misleading information surrounding Hays County Judge Becerra’s tax fiasco, and a Hays County Republican Candidate for District Attorney.

The purpose of Caldwell/Hays Examiner is the following (as provided in their filed charter):

Hays County Judge Becerra and the Caldwell/Hays Examiner Lease

In an effort to provide information about the tax situation of Becerra. The news platform engaged in showing two documents from Becerra Corp. The Texas Secretary of State lists this company exclusively to Monica Becerra as the Registered Agent/Director and Ruben Becerra Sr as a Director. Added later was Ruben Becerra Jr. Then Cristian Becerra was added in 2021.

Received from the Texas Secretary of State website.

In the documents presented, it shows two letters from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Both letters addressed to Becerra Corp. The address in San Antonio, Texas is a listing for Specialized Medical Solutions.

In review of some basic web searches, we can associate the name to a currently active business called Mondev Medical Solutions, LLC. However, in tying the name together, the LLC still appears for the defunked Specialized Medical Solutions company.

Retrieved from LinkedIn

A search of the Bexar County Clerk records reveals an assumed name certification for Specialized Medical Solutions. It also reveals ownership to Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra. Meaning, there is a direct correlation that Caldwell/Hays Examiner rents from Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra

Obtained from the Bexar County Clerk’s Office

However, in this case, Specialized Medical Solutions is not a registered business in Hays County, but filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

In what appears to be a Ponzi scheme of businesses and transitional moves, one must wonder the underlying reasons for the consistently failing businesses.

Received from the Texas Secretary of State

As one can see, there are more than a few failed business ventures. The Manskey Roll, LCC (transferred to the Becerra line under a new name (Condor Raices, LLC)), Specialized Medical Solutions, LLC (conducting business under a “doing business as”), and Becerra Foods, LLC. Five businesses filed with the Texas Secretary of State are associated in some form or fashion to Becerra.

Received from the Texas Secretary of State

Hays County Judge Becerra’s Tax Lien

As presented in previous publishings by various media outlets, Becerra has had tax issues since 2002. They have continued well into 2022. In 2022, the IRS issued two tax liens; which we have already published. In an attempt to rebut the public information, the news outlet which operates out of a Becerra location attempts to deflect the matter as a mistake by the IRS.

All that was provided as proof were two images of past due taxed from 2016 and 2107 for a business not associated with the lien, by virtue of the address on the lien. Further. One of the liens is specific to Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra and the other is associated to both the Hays County Judge and Monica Becerra.

The Caldwell/Hays Examiner has only shown paperwork for one business which isn’t specifically related to Monica Becerra. The information provided appears incomplete and an attempt to persuade people in believing there is no money owed to the government.

The fact is, money has been owed to the government since 2002. The pattern of tax issues is a consistent 20 years. Until the IRS actually makes an adjustment to the tax liens, we find the information published by Caldwell/Hays Examiner as bias and an attempt to deflect poor fiscal management which has been established in government records of the State of Texas.

Caldwell/Examiner Misleads Public About Hays County Republican Candidate David Puryear

In a short time before publishing on the tax issue we addressed above, Jordan Buckley of the Caldwell/Hays Examiner published a story in the Austin Chronicle which is false in context associated to Hays County Republican Candidate David Puryear.

Image received from The Austin Chronicle

The article makes two misrepresentations towards the Candidate. First, it claims David Puryear did not list any donations on his campaign finance filings; as it relates to the fundraiser. David Puryear conducted his own fundraiser and Jordan Buckley has failed to present any matter which requires David Puryear to list “One Shot Distillery,” on the campaign finance reports.

Second, Buckley incorrectly claims “social media posts curiously finds zero evidence of it.” As it relates to the fundraiser which occurred on September 10, 2022. However, a quick look at David Puryear for Hays County DA, we easily locate the self-cited fundraiser on David Puryear’s Facebook social media platform. There is even a website link showing the fundraiser was conducted by David Puryear; himself.

Retrieved from David Puryear for Hays County DA’s Facebook page

Two misleading stories in one week, leading into Election Day for two candidates. One is up for re-election and provides office space to the publisher in support of the incumbent Hays County Judge. The other is up for election consideration in a key race for Hays County District Attorney’s Office.

As an activist news outlet paying rent to the current Hays County Judge we find bias in any conversation about the County Judge. We see issue with facts, as it relates to the Hays County DA candidate. Both appear to attempt to persuade voters, as indicated in concept, of the non-profit news outlet’s charter.

The facts are simple:

1. Hays County Judge Beccera has documented tax issues since 2002

2. Hays County DA Candidate David Puryear has the “controversial” event listed on his Social Media platform as an event he conducted.

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