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Hays County Judge Take Supplement Pay Other County Judges Do Not – Per Open Records

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (TCPA) was contacted through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA), to determine if other Judges, doing similar duties, in other counties, as identification in a lawsuit (as followed by the San Marcos Corridor News) filed in Hays County also have sworn to having a Constitutional Court at Law.

TPIA response from TCPA
TPIA response from TCPA

It turns out, they do not; at least the ones we requested. We requested the following counties:

  • Collin
  • Dallas
  • Travis
  • Tarrant
  • Bexar
  • Hays
  • Harris
  • Nueces
  • Webb
  • Cameron
  • Hildalgo

It should be noted, some of the counties are similar to size and structure as Hays County; however, they do not request the additional income. Even when, as identified in the lawsuit in Hays County on Judge Becerra, they perform the same “elected,” duties.

Could this mean, the supplemental payments are in error? On or about June 17, 2015, Texas Legislature made a clear Bill Analysis stating the requirements to be paid. Under the language of the Bill Analysis, Becerra would be ineligible for payment because Hay’s County has a Statutory County Court at Law.

Prior to June 17, 2015, the argument could be made the supplement was for other duties outside of a Constitutional County Court at Law.

This means, since 2015, there are two Judges in Hays County which took the supplement unlike like kindred County Judges.

TPIA response from TCPA
TPIA response from TCPA
TPIA response from TCPA
TPIA response from TCPA
TPIA response from TCPA

Because there seems to be a conflict in understanding of the Bill Analysis, the Judicial decision in lawsuit and because of how we operate, we have submitted a complaint to the Texas State Auditors Office. The complaint provides all the documents in the lawsuit, the articles from the San Marcos Corridor News, the Bill Analysis, and the Legislature.

Again, The Hawk’s Eye is for proper government. We review process and we attempt to work with government officials, as we receive information. As the matter develops more, we progress our avenues for potential remedy. We publish because it is our right under the US and Texas Constitution. Everything we publish is based upon government response. We do not have the duty to respond with proper records. The government holds that burden, as a matter of right to the Citizens of Texas through the TPIA process.

If anyone has a concern they would like to have reviewed and be provided a supported resolution to the concerns, please email us at

We have had government agencies work with us to resolve our problems, we have had others where we filed lawsuits.