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David Puryear, Republican Candidate for Hays County District Attorney Issues 1 Letter

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David Puryear, Republican Candidate for Hays County District Attorney Issues Letter

The Republican Candidate for Hays County District Attorney has sent a letter out to individuals and has provided us with a copy of it. The letter provided states “Paid Pol Ad by David Puryear Campaign, Tom Schneider Treasurer.” The letter reads as follows:

Hays County Republican Candidate for District Attorney, David Puryear
David Puryear, Republican Candidate for Hays County District Attorney, Photo Courtesy of Candidates Campaign website.

Dear [citizen]

A new Hays county District Attorney will be decided this November and I am not only your Republican candidate for this office, but the most trusted, the most experienced and the most qualified to serve the good citizens of Hays County! You may not think this office is that important, but if you are as concerned as I am about the alarming increase in criminal activity, [omitted support statement]

Did you know…

District Attorneys in the state of Texas act alone in deciding whether to prosecute criminal conduct and no one – not the Sheriff, not the Texas Attorney General, not even Governor Abbot – can stop them.

Police can arrest criminals all day long, but only the DA decides to press charges, or not. Families in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, and now Austin, are paying a heavy price in skyrocketing crime rates after electing progressive district attorneys, who, unilaterally, have decided to favor criminals over their victims. These progressive D.A.s look for excuses to prosecute police officers, just for doing their jobs! For nearly 40 years, I have honorably served the people of Texas as a prosecutor, and a judge, earning high praise and enforcement from all levels of law enforcement, just as I am in this election. We simply cannot turn over such a powerful position to an unknown, unproven criminal defense attorney who now wants to be a prosecutor! Talk about putting the fox in the hen house!

Major crimes being committed in Hays County are showing alarming increases from 2021.

* Sexual assaults up 50%

* Weapons violations up 20%

* Larceny, car burglaries and car thefts up more than 65%

There is no doubt that a large part of this increase is due to Austin’s “progressive” district attorney who has turned a blind eye to the crime wave overtaking Austin, emboldening criminals in Austin and surrounding counties, all while he is prosecuting police officers. the only way to prevent crime spilling into Hays Co. is to elect me as your District Attorney. I will strongly push back on this wave of lawlessness and violence, staunchly back our law enforcement partners, and fiercely stand up to criminals.

Currently, there is an enormous backlog of criminal cases at the Hays County courthouse, and it is costing YOU, as a Hays County taxpayer, big money every day.

While Covid shut down many government offices, backlogging the court system, the biggest reason is that crime is increasing, costing hays County taxpayers a minimum of $15,000 a day to house hundreds of criminals whose cases have yet to go to trial. With my decades of trial and prosecutorial experience, combined with years as a proven administrator, I will be capable on Day 1 of managing employees, clearing the backlog, expeditiously moving cases going forward, and creating and implementing budgets, all effectively and efficiently.

[omitted support statement]

Criminal defense attorney Kelly Higgins, my Democrat opponent, has NO experience as a prosecutor, NO experience as an administrator, AND he publicly stated he “is not the prosecuting type.”

Mr. Higgins has been a criminal defense attorney his entire legal career. On his own campaign website, he writes that to his “embarrassment, there are better attorneys than me” and that he “is not the prosecuting type,” furthermore, that his “first urge is to protect the person who made the mistake.” Mr. Higgins continues that he is “running to bring a progressive vision of justice to Hays County.” That’s the same “progressive vision” that has come to Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and other cities, BUT the question you must ask yourself is: Why would any voter support a candidate like Mr. Higgins, who says that he will “protect” those kinds of violent criminals?

In 2020, outsiders like George Soros and other liberal activists poured millions of dollars into DA races across Texas- AND THEY WON!

That’s right, big money from outside the state of Texas elected progressive DAs in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio and we see the results: Enormous increase in violent crimes. Hays County is in their sights in 2022. As the fastest growing county in the U.S., we have much to celebrate and cherish – and everything to lose if we let extreme progressive outsiders buy our District Attorney and the power of that office.

[omitted support statement]

David Puryear, Republican Candidate for Hays County District Attorney, VIA a letter “Paid Pol Ad by David Puryear Campaign, Tom Schneider Treasuer

David Puryear, Republican Candidate for Hays County District Attorney, Full Letter

Parts of the letter were omitted in this quoted publishing, but the full letter in its printed form, is below:

The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News
The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News
Paid Pol Ad by David Puryear Campaign, Tom Schneider Treasurer

A Note to All Hays County Candidates

Again, The Hawk’s Eye – Consulting & News, LLC, welcomes all Hays County candidates to contact us about their vision for Hays County. We are open to providing information to the Hays County community so the community may vote for whom the community believes is best for them. We do not endorse any candidates or parties. We strictly believe the people of Hays County should be informed of their options.

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