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Hays County District Clerk Suing to Remove District Attorney From Office

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Hays County District Clerk Suing to Remove District Attorney From Office

Newly elected Hays County District Clerk, Avery J. Anderson, is suing Kelly Higgins, the newly elected Criminal District Attorney for Hays County. Both men took office on January 1, 2023, for their first terms. Both individuals are listed as Democrats in their elected roles.

Anderson is alleging that Higgins has committed official misconduct for his public declarations indicating the official policy of the District Attorney’s Office. Specifically, Anderson, in his petitions, cites that Higgins has made public comments stating that he will not prosecute simple drug possession, low-level marijuana offenses, and illegal medical procedures committed by licensed physicians, such as transgender treatments and abortions.

Anderson goes on to cite a reduction in felony drug possession cases since the alleged policies. Specifically, it is stated that an excessive number of felony-level marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine possession cases are being dropped for random or nonspecific reasons by the District Attorney’s Office.

The foundation of the lawsuit indicates Higgins has violated section 87.013 of the Texas Local Government Code by “intentional or corrupt failure, refusal, or neglect of an officer to perform a duty imposed on the officer by law,” and/or “a prosecuting attorney’s adoption or enforcement of a policy of refusal to prosecute a class or type of criminal offense under state law or instruct law enforcement to refuse to arrest individuals suspected of committing a class or type of offense under state law.”

We reached out to Higgins for comment, and he stated that he cannot comment on the matter as he is a party to the pending litigation.

The Caldwell/Hays Examiner, a known Democratic publication, cited Anderson as an “incompetent teen who rode the ‘Blue Wave’ into elected office in 2022 as the Hays County District Clerk and exposed himself as both a traitor and a clown.”

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Hays County – Petition Has No Service

At the moment, Anderson’s petition does not have a citation issued and has not been officially served through that process. It appears Higgins did receive a copy of the petition to his government email. We are unsure what supporting information Anderson will be presenting to the court if the matter is to proceed. We did not see an attorney listed for Anderson.

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